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What we do?

How we do it?

Everything starts with measuring

Web analytics must be completely adjusted to your business. Profit increase and business growth must be the basic goals of a campaign while other metrics such as number of visits, page views, time spent on page etc. have only an auxiliary function.

An example where a client managed the campaign by himself that had a lot of clicks and we reduced the number of clicks by 80% when we took over the campaign. Although it may seem as a bad decision upon the first look, reducing the number of clicks by 80% (with a rise in quality of visitors) has increased earnings from that campaign 10 times!

Everything starts with measuring a

Although most companies do not sell their products and services online, our task was to measure the profit that is a result of online advertising as precisely as possible, regardless of where the transaction was made. We have developed tools that enable our clients to enter earnings, that were not gained at the website, into Google Analytics and connect it to the exact number of page visits made by buyers. That enables us to precisely optimize campaigns for the best profit possible and to measure the lifelong value of a buyer to be able to determine the investments needed for further online advertising.

Everything starts with measuring b

Sometimes it is useful to enter into Google Analytics some non-standard data that can be valuable for a certain business. Here we have an example of a client that sells camping equipment where we entered some weather information in Google Analytics and then linked them with web visitors and monitor if the visitors behave differently depending on the weather conditions (at their location). According to the acquired data, the campaign is then optimized and automatized to have different parameters depending on the weather (ad text, budget, price per click).

Everything starts with measuring c

Campaigns fully focused on result.

Our campaign managers have gained their training experience in numerous campaigns whose sole goal was to increase profit and growth. We have been certified by Google since year 2008 and since then we have managed more than 4000 campaigns. The experience and knowledge gained so far enables us to achieve extraordinary results for our clients – whether they are small firms wanting to grow or big companies that discover new means of making profit.

Online campaigns as a part of complete marketing mix

Companies often use other channels, besides online advertising, such as newspapers, TV or radio. Each channel has its role in a buying cycle therefore we enter data on other channels in analytics and link it to the website visitors. The example shows analytics of a client who used TV advertising so we linked website visits to watching TV commercial. Based on that information we optimized his campaign and boosted his profits by 20%. Likewise, we used campaign remarketing as a support for TV commercials by adjusting them so that the user can see the content of an online ad based on the version of the TV commercial he watched.

Mathematics, models and tools

We develop our own tools in order to make our campaigns more successful. In 2009 our tool for creation, management and optimization of Google Ads campaigns (AdWords Intelligence) was globally proclaimed to be the best value. We develop our own optimization models as well, which ensure that our clients get the best ROI.

Mathematics, models and tools

Our clients


Barbara Mrkić
Marketing director, CARWIZ rent a car

If you want to succeed, you must be better with each new day and we are sure we can do that with Telum.


Ivica Ljoljo
OVB Allfinanz Croatia, Executive Assistant

Collaboration with Telum Ltd company has been very efficient. They are professionals, oriented towards results.


Ivan Bošnjak
Assistant of the Board, ZEPTER

Campaign results managed by Telum company exceeded all our expectations. The investment income ratio was something that no one hoped for. I can recommend them to every company that wants to gain new clients! OTP banka Jutarnji list Iskon Zepter Croatia Osiguranje Sport & Moda Topfer Bontech Auto Krešo TRCZ Crvena luka

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